Accounts Payable Frequently Asked Questions


What form do I use?

Goods and Supplies from an outside vendor send a requisition to Purchasing.

Honorarium, Prize, Scholarship, Stipend, or Refund send a Check Voucher form to Accounts Payable.

Pay non Tufts employees for a Consultant Service; a requisition to Purchasing.

Reimbursement of Business Expenses, send a Business Expense Form to Accounts Payable. Click here for the Business Expense Guidelines.

Reimbursement for travel related expenses, send a Travel Authorization/Travel Advance and Expense Form to Accounts Payable. Click here for the Travel Policy.

Purchase goods/services from an internal Tufts Dept, use an IDR.


A vendor/payee called me to inquire on why an invoice has not been paid. If it hasn’t been paid, why do I see the charge on my PeopleSoft transaction detail report?

Upon receipt of an invoice, Accounts Payable enters it into PeopleSoft and then immediately posts the expense into our accounting system, reflected in your appropriate transaction detail report. The actual payment to the vendor follows at a later scheduled date. The scheduled due date is on the Transaction Detail report.

You can also get an up to date status on the PO Inquiry system in PeopleSoft.

If there is a problem with a payment, please contact Accounts Payable.


How do I know whether I should call Accounts Payable or Purchasing with a question?

You can check the status of a purchase order or payment on an invoice by using PO Inquiry.

Inquiring about the status of a purchase order, contact Purchasing.

Having a difficult time with a vendor, contact Purchasing.

Need to make a change to a purchase order, contact Purchasing.

Check the status of an invoice, contact Accounts Payable.

Questions regarding the PCard, Travel Card or on-line ordering systems should be directed to Tufts Support Services at x77000.