EDI Processes

Electronic Data Interchange, or EDI, is a process in which preferred University vendors transmit invoice information to Tufts electronically thereby reducing the costs associated with the handling and processing of paper invoices. As a paperless process, EDI is ideally suited for high volume/low dollar invoices and to date, Tufts has entered into EDI arrangements with a handful of our preferred vendors. Because this is a paperless process, AP does not receive copies of invoices therefore they cannot provide copies to department users if questions arise. As a result, should there be questions concerning an EDI charge listed on your monthly financial reports please direct your questions to the contact person listed in the table. They are best suited to handle your inquiry.

To reconcile these charges, you can match up the order number or airbill number to the Transaction Detail reports.

Vendor Contact Name Contact Phone Contact Email
Airgas Susan McNeil 603-890-4600
Ext: 3041
Apple Computer Customer Service 800-800-2775
Benco Dental John Healey 800-462-3626 x8-3388 jhealy@benco.com
CDWG Matthew Laing 866-773-7441 matthew.laing@cdwg.com
Dell Customer Service US_CIT_POS@dell.com
DHL Tony Auer 617-464-2182
Ext: 4355
Federal Express Customer Service 800-622-1147
Fisher Scientific Elliot Peck 800-955-9999
Ext: 199211
GovConnection Darren Gullen 800-800-6912 dgullen@govconnection.com
Invitrogen Dee Bota-Breesler 800-955-6288 x66543 Dalena.Bota-Bressler@invitrogen.com
Northstar Rental Francesca Barone 617-623-1200 NorthStarRental@AOL.com
Qiagen Michael Morin 508-507-0515 Michael.Morin@qiagen.com
Schein Ann Hollis 800-651-2944 x328 annmarie.hollis@henryschein.com
Sigma Aldrich Kimberlee Parent 800-396-0803
Ext: 2825
Staples Jo-Ann Quirke 800-617-1712
Ext: 198
Staples Customer Service 877-826-7756
Tufts Shared Services
Sue Daley Ext: 65373 sdaley1@tuftsmedicalcenter.org
Tufts Shared Services
Ed Media
Bob Confrey Ext: 69100
Tufts Shared Services
Lab Animal
Brian Angelbeck Ext: 67665
Tufts Shared Services
Violet or Sham Ext: 65580
VWR Scientific Jerry Bornstein 800-947-4270 x4245  jerry_bornstein@vwr.com


Invoices processed via EDI are paid according to University negotiated payment terms. Checks are issued in the same check cycles as payments to non-EDI vendors.