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Attention:  Changes are coming to Tufts eBill!

In the coming weeks Tufts will be converting to a new eBill system.  Students will continue access eBill through their SIS Portal, but Parents and Other Viewers that have been authorized to view and pay bills through eBill will need to be re-invited.  In early October, Parents and Other Viewers will need to access eBill through the Invited Viewer Portal within SIS.  Students will need to provide access to their Parents and Invited Viewers by granting them access to the “Bills and Balances” tab through the SIS Portal.  Please follow these instructions at .  If a student does not authorize a Parent or Other Viewer access to eBill, then only the student will receive eBills beginning in early October.


Hours of Operation

Boston Campus
200 Harrison Ave
Posner Hall – Suite 101
Monday – Thursday: 9AM – 4PM
Fridays: 10AM – 4PM

Grafton Campus
Admin Services Building
Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays: 9AM – 2PM
(Subject to Availability)

Payment Options

ePayments: To ensure that there is no delay in the processing of your payment, please use the Tufts eBill website to submit your electronic payment. Payment through any other method will result in a delay in processing.  Go to the Bills Tab and select “Pay Now” to make an electronic payment in U.S. dollars and payable through a U.S. Bank. You must be enrolled in eBill to make ePayments.

Check Payment: Checks and money orders should be made payable to the Trustees of Tufts College in U.S. dollars and payable through a U. S. Bank. Postdated checks will not be accepted.

Check payments along with the payment coupon from your bill or eBill should be mailed to the following Post Office Box. Please do not Express Mail payments to this address as this will delay the processing of your payment.

Tufts University
Health Sciences Bursar’s Office
P.O. Box 414090
Boston, MA 02241-4090

Correspondence should be mailed to the Health Sciences Bursar’s Office address below and not to the Post Office Box.

Wire Transfers: Instructions for wire transfer are available on your Tufts eBill by clicking the “PAYMENT Information” at the bottom of your statement.  You may also obtain wire transfer instructions by contacting Health Sciences Bursar’s Office at the phone number provided below.  Student’s full name and student ID number must accompany wire transfer information. Wire payments must be made via bank transfer in U.S. dollars.

Wire Transfers in Transit: If a wire transfer was sent but does not appear on your bill, send documentation to the Health Sciences Bursar’s Office address below so that we may trace your payment.

International Wire Transfers: International wire transfers will be processed through peerTransfer. PeerTransfer offers excellent foreign exchange rates, allowing students to pay in the majority of foreign currencies and save a significant amount of money, as compared to traditional banks. Go to: to begin the payment process or use the link available on your eBill.

Credit Cards: Credit Card payments are not accepted for the payment of academic year tuition and fees.

Loan Credits: If you are expecting a loan (Federal Stafford, Perkins, Tufts loan, Alternative loan) and no Expected Loan credit appears on your billing statement, please contact your financial aid office.

Additional Bill Adjustments

Health Services: Massachusetts State Law requires that students have health insurance coverage. If you are covered under a comprehensive plan, then you may be entitled to waive the university health insurance plan beginning in June. To waive your health insurance, please visit your “Bills & Balances” tab in SIS at More information is available on the SAHA website here or by contacting 617-636-2700.

Expected Credits: Expected credits from Scholarship agencies or Third Party organizations that we have documentation for, will appear on your bill. Once funding has arrived, the expected credit will be replaced by the payment. Monies that have not arrived by mid-semester may require follow up by the student. Please submit the documentation for your scholarship or Third Party Billing directly to the Bursar’s Office. We will place an expected credit on your account as well as bill the organization if required.

Tuition Payment Plan: If you have enrolled in the Tuition Payment Plan and the expected credit is not on your bill, please contact The Health Sciences Bursar’s Office at 617-636-6551. For more information on how to enroll in the plan, please see our Methods of Payment tab.


Due Date of Bill: The due date of each item on your bill is displayed in the right-hand column of your bill. Any charge on your current bill that was on a previous bill is due upon receipt.

Late Fees: Payments must be made by the DUE DATE or will be subject to a late fee. Details of the late fee policy are available on the Paying Your Bill page.

Returned Checks and ePayments: Returned payments are subject to a $25 fine. Subsequent returned payments will be fined $50 each.

QUESTIONS REGARDING YOUR BILL?  Contact the Health Sciences Bursar’s Office 617-636-6551

Mailing Address

Please send correspondence to the following address:

Tufts University
Health Sciences Bursar’s Office
136 Harrison Avenue
Boston, MA 02111