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For Subway and Commuter Rail routes and schedule information, please refer directly to the MBTA website listed below under “Helpful Links”.


Boston-based Health Science School students (Medical, Dental, and Nutrition Schools and Public Health Professional Degree programs) are eligible to purchase a MBTA semester pass or monthly pass at a 25% discount over regular “T” prices (up to $40/mo. on monthly passes). Each student is entitled to one pass only. A Tufts ID must be presented when you pick up your pass. Unless there is a pre-approved exceptional situation, students must pick up their own pass.

Grafton-based Veterinary School students are eligible to purchase an MBTA Semester Pass at an 11% discount. Please contact the Grafton Bursar’s Office for specific Fall and Spring pass prices.

Pre-paid Semester Passes

Semester passes go on sale twice a year. Fall passes, for September through December, are purchased in July. Spring passes, for January through May, are purchased in November. Application forms are e-mailed or mailed to all eligible enrolled students in July and November, and are also available at our Office. Semester passes are picked up each month beginning on the fourth to the last business day of the month. With a Semester Pass, students only have to pay once a semester and are guaranteed the availability of a discounted pass.

For Link, Bus, Inner Express and Outer Express Bus, you will enjoy the additional benefits of a Charlie Card:

  • Convenient one-time only pick-up.
  • Security against loss or theft.

Only Link, Bus, Inner Express and Outer Express Bus will be issued a Charlie Card that is good for the full term of September to December (and in Spring, January to May). A new Charlie Card is issued for each pre-paid semester.  Only your initial Charlie Card must be picked-up from the Bursar’s Office each semester.  Additionally your Charlie Card will be registered by the Bursar’s Office and can be replaced if lost or stolen.

For Zone 1A, Zones 1-8 and Boat Passes, you will be issued a monthly MBTA ticket.  These tickets must be picked-up each month at the Bursar’s Office beginning on the fourth to last day of the month.  These cards are not replaceable if lost.

MBTA Semester Pass Discounted Prices – Boston

(New Rates Effective 7/1/16)

Pass Type Fall (4 mth)
Prices @ 25% Discount
Spring (5 mth)
Prices @ 25% Discount
Local Bus $165.00 $206.25
Link $253.50 $316.88
Inner Express Bus $384.00 $480.00
Outer Express Bus $504.00 $630.00
Zone 1A $253.50 $316.88
Zone 1 $600.75 $750.94
Zone 2 $653.25 $816.57
Zone 3 $732.75 $915.94
Zone 4 $789.00 $986.25
Zone 5 $874.50 $1,093.13
Zone 6 $954.00 $1,192.50
Zone 7 $1,009.50 $1,261.88
Zone 8 $1,089.00 $1,361.25
Zone 9 $1,138.50 $1,423.13
Zone 10 $1,194.75 $1,493.44
Boat Pass $924.00 $1,155.00

Monthly MBTA Pass Discounts – Boston only

For Boston eligible students who are not able to purchase the Semester MBTA pass for September through December or January through May, and for all “Boston pass eligible” students who are still enrolled during June, July or August, Tufts/NEMC will provide a 25% reimbursement toward a monthly pass purchased at full price directly from the MBTA. Maximum discount per month is $40.00.

The Health Sciences Bursar’s Office will accept reimbursement requests quarterly in August, November, February and May between specific dates of the month. (See the schedule below). The June-July-August pass months may be redeemed in August. After May, no prior year receipts will be accepted, except for June passes that may be redeemed only through the August reimbursement period.

If you are purchasing a pass in the reimbursement month, ensure you have done so prior to requesting reimbursement, as we can only process one request quarterly per student.

Request forms are available at the HSBursar’s Office in Posner Hall. Please stop by within the scheduled dates to complete a form and present your receipts.

Please read the following guidelines carefully:

  1. Must present original purchase receipts (showing the type of pass purchased, date and amount paid).
  2. Must be for a monthly pass purchase. (i.e. Sep 10, Oct 10).
  3. Requests accepted quarterly only (see schedule).
  4. Requests must be presented in person at the HSBursar’s Office.
  5. Must pick up your own reimbursement, as it will be cash.

Monthly Pass Discount Reimbursement Schedule

Pass Months Reimbursement Dates
2018 2018
March-April-May April 30th – May 11th