Frequenty Asked Questions

1) Are cell phones and internet access allowed on the pcard?

Cell Phones: Only if they are departmental phones, ie one account being shared, otherwise you must be setup with Direct Deposit.

Internet Access: Only if it is used while traveling with a Business Laptop. Click here to see the Cell Phone/Home Internet policy

2) Can I pay for parking with my pcard?

Yes, if it business related. Mileage must be put on a business reimbursement form and Gasoline has its own restrictions on the pcard. No, if it is the employee’s primary parking.

3) Is there a personal credit check when I apply for a PCard?

No, the PCard is corporate liability.

4) What is the difference between a PCard & the Corporate Card?

The PCard is used for purchasing goods.  The Corporate Card is used to pay travel-related charges, such as hotels, rental cards and meals as well as business expenses.