Gifts and Entertainment

Gifts made to university personnel may be in the form of entertainment, social invitations, sporting events, favors, personal property, services, or discounts. Gifts from vendors, contractors, and others conducting business with Tufts are most often given as a gesture of goodwill and appreciation, but all faculty and staff should be aware that gifts are generally given with the intent to influence a business decision. This behavior is customary business practice, but such activity serves no useful purpose and can create conflicts of interest. It is the obligation of the employee responsible for a business relationship to handle gifts properly and in accordance with university policy as stated below.

Employees and family members of employees may not accept gifts of more than a token or nominal value from a supplier under any circumstances. While at times it may be difficult to quantify the cost of a gift, it is always important to consider the appearance of impropriety and unfair business practice.

The expenditure of university funds for gifts to employees or students other than those provided through authorized recognition programs is prohibited. For further information, please refer to the university’s Business Conduct Policy.