Tufts Marketplace & Electronic Requisitioning System


THE TUFTS ELECTRONIC MARKETPLACE is a business-to-business, e-procurement system to make your sourcing, ordering and invoice payment easier! Tufts Marketplace is a one-stop, one login shopping process. You can place orders and “check out” with the ability to allocate charges to your dept-ids or grants, in accordance with your specific, authorized profiles.

LOG IN: Tufts Marketplace
Marketplace Application Form
Marketplace User Manual

THE TUFTS ELECTRONIC REQUISITIONING SYSTEM (E-REQ) is the Tufts electronic requisitioning system with on-line approvals and electronic routing. You can create requisitions, allocate charges to your DeptIDs or grants, in accordance with your specific, authorized profiles and forward these requisitions to on-line approvers in accordance with local and University approval policies. Supporting documentation in electronic format can also be attached to requisitions.

LOG IN: Tufts PeopleSoft E-REQ
> E-REQ Application Form
> E-REQ User Manual
> Prepare an E-REQ  (Video)
> Approve an E-REQ (Video)
> Independent Contractor Questionnaire

Please do not hesitate to report any issues, problems or questions about using the  Tufts Marketplace or Electronic Requisitioning System by sending an email to: procurementsystems@tufts.edu