International Travel

In commitment to your safety and well-being abroad, we encourage you to consult these resources prior to traveling: This list is not intended to be exhaustive but to provide main sources of information prior to traveling abroad. Travelers are encouraged to conduct extensive pre-travel research: 

We recommend that all U.S. Citizens register their trip with Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP) offered by the US State Department. 


Please note that this program is for University related travel only and not for leisure travel.

If you are viewing this page within the Tufts Network,

 click here for more information and the Membership Number. 

Tufts University proudly partners with International SOS, the leading medical assistance, international healthcare and security assistance company. Travel security services are provided by a joint venture of International SOS and Control Risks, the world’s leading security risk management firm. 

Important:  International SOS is not health insurance. Please consult with your insurance provider to ensure that that you are covered for the duration of your stay abroad. 

We encourage you to use the multiple features that ISOS offers - 

  • Communications Portal
    The Tufts SOS Portal is designed to provide you with important medical, safety, and travel information. It contains country-specific information, worldwide emergency contact information, and information about your International SOS Membership.Please visit and enter our membership number.

Please contact Claudia Jackson (extension 7-3762), Tufts Program Manager for International Safety and Operations for the membership number.

  • Automated Travel Advisory Program
    When travelers use one of the Tufts corporate travel agents (Egencia, Travizon, Travel Collaborative), details of the trip will automatically be fed to the ISOS system. Upon booking trips to select destinations, you will receive a country advisory by email, containing information on security and medical alerts, personal and driving safety, vaccinations and diseases, food and water safety, business and cultural etiquette, public holidays, demographics, and alarm center contacts to reach a security specialist or physician. Your email address will only be used for the purpose of sending you the advisory. 
  • ISOS MyTrips
    Travelers who must book outside the corporate agencies are strongly encouraged to set up a personal profile and log their travel details via an easy web-based application. The trip details will automatically be uploaded into the Travel Tracker allowing managers to use one unique system to search and locate their travelers, regardless if the trip was booked through their corporate travel agency. Tufts’ travelers will also have the option to receive advisories by email for their destinations.  
  • Emergency Record and Vaccination System
    Accessible via the Communications Portal, the Emergency Record will allow university employees to store personal, medical and travel information in a secure online environment. If you are involved in an emergency, and only if you have given permission, your information is accessible to the medical staff of ISOS to help you.  This “smart” system also calculates the vaccinations you should keep up-to-date according to where you go and what you do. You can then enter the details of the vaccinations that you have had, and the system will provide a summary of what vaccinations or boosters are required, and when. The system can even send you a reminder email. 
  • ISOS app: The ISOS app allows you to have all relevant information available on your smartphone and will allow you to connect to the most appropriate assistance center when you need help abroad. The app can be downloaded here: 


What is the role of International SOS?
International SOS provides Tufts University travelers and expatriates with quality health care and medical and security assistance services worldwide 24 hours a day.

How can International SOS help?
International SOS provides you with assurance that you will be assisted during emergency situations that may arise during travel or international relocation. One phone call connects you to the International SOS network of multilingual specialists for immediate help. International SOS services are designed to help you with medical, personal, travel, security and legal problems when away from home. Call International SOS at any time to speak with a physician or security specialist about simple or critical matters.

Is International SOS health insurance? Do I need international health insurance?
International SOS is not health insurance. Tufts University travelers must maintain your own health insurance plan with adequate coverage for medical expenses that may arise while you are overseas. All medical emergencies and medical care received overseas should be reported to your health insurance plan promptly. Review the reporting requirements and reimbursement provisions of your health insurance plan before you travel.

What do I need to do to use the program?
In order to utilize any of the medical or travel services listed under Membership Benefits, contact any Assistance Center from anywhere in the world by calling directly, calling collect or calling the toll-free number.
To ensure a prompt response when calling, you should be prepared to provide the following:

  • Your name, location, age, gender and nationality
  • Your International SOS membership number
  • The telephone number from which you are calling (in case you are disconnected)
  • Your relationship to the Tufts University Member (if the person calling is not the Member)
  • Name, location and telephone number of the hospital, clinic or treating doctor (when applicable)

Do I need to activate my membership?
No, your membership is already active. Simply carry the card in your wallet at all times while traveling. Whenever you need service, contact one of the emergency phone numbers listed on the back of the card.  Tufts advises every traveler to register with the Personal Travel Locator (PTL) tool that ISOS offers if the trip was not booked through a preferred travel provider.

Are my spouse and children covered under the International SOS program?
Family members of Tufts University employees are covered under the International SOS program when accompanying an employee on University related travel.

Will International SOS pay my medical bills?
After approval from Tufts University, International SOS will guarantee and pay all costs associated with your medical care. International SOS will also medically monitor and evaluate your condition and ongoing medical expenses during your hospitalization.

More Questions?

Please visit the FAQ page on the communications portal or contact Claudia Jackson, Program Manager for International Safety and Operations.