Contact List

Beth McClain 617-627-3976 Associate Treasurer
Contact for any department issue
Wes Browning 617-627-3319 Assistant Director of Treasury Services
Contact for questions related to leasing equipment
Rael LaRose 617-627-8836 Treasury Assistant
Contact for any incoming wire transfers, and these batches processed in PeopleSoft: CMM, CDM and GTO
Joel Santos 617-627-3266 Associate Director of Treasury Services
Contact for bank service issues, opening bank accounts, credit card acceptance and processing, and conducting ecommerce.
Vicky Wei 617-627-3171 Sr. Treasury Analyst
Contact for questions related to Gifts of Securities
Allison Zwaschka 617-627-2145 Merchant Services Administrator
Contact for credit card acceptance and processing as well as conducting ecommerce.