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Tufts University is generally exempt from State Sales & Meals Tax in the following states:

– Colorado – Massachusetts
– Connecticut – New Jersey
– Florida – New York
– Illinois – Rhode Island
– Maine


Note:  For those university personnel who purchase goods and services on behalf of Tufts University, it is expected that all retailers and suppliers will request a completed Tax-Exempt Purchaser Certificate in order for the university to avoid paying a sales, use or meals tax.  Information required on the Tax-Exempt Certificate will include the name of the tax-exempt entity; date of purchase; and a university taxpayer identification number.

Some examples when the university is exempt from sales, use and meals tax will generally apply to the following conditions:

  • When purchases and meals are used in the conduct of the university’s exempt purpose and mission (e.g. education and research)
  • When the university is billed directly and no amount is paid by the consumer
  • If meals are for the benefit of students
  • When meals are purchased as part of university business that include employees and guest of the university

Purchases made through Amazon:

For instructions on how to obtain tax-exempt status for purchases please direct all inquiries using the following e-mail address:

Hotel Taxes:

As a general rule, when travelling outside of Massachusetts, university personnel are more than likely required to pay a local and state hotel tax.  Some states do, however, offer sales/use tax exemptions if proper documentation is provided at the time of payment.

Tax Exempt Forms:

For a listing of tax-exempt forms, currently available, please use the following web address: