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 Mission Statement

The overall mission of the Risk Management and Insurance Department is to minimize the risk of loss, financial or otherwise through the protection of University resources which include employee, students, visitors and property, thus reducing/minimizing long term liabilities to the University.

Risk Management Defined

Risk Management is the process of identifying and evaluation the risks associated with activities and operations of an organization; developing a means to control, reduce or eliminate those risks, as well as finance them. These risks include natural disasters, illnesses, injury and loss of property resulting from unsafe practices and conditions as well as the financial costs of these losses. Tufts University attempts to eliminate or control these risks through hazard identification and correction, accident prevention, training, installation of life safety systems in buildings, fire protection systems, crime prevention and other various measures.  The University finance these risk through insurance or transfers the risk to others by contract or through the establishment of insurance reserves to pay self-insured claims or claims with deductibles.

On an individual level, risk management is the effort by each employee to make the fullest use of her or his personal capabilities to eliminate or reduce hazards in her or his work environment.

Sources of Potential Liability

Through its various and divers activities and ownership of property, the University is exposed to various types of potential liabilities.  Examples of these liabilities include:

Premise Liability

These are hazards associated with the various buildings and grounds of the University. Examples include slip, trip and fall hazards, property defects, fire hazards, or any hazards that could damage property or cause injury to a person. If you observe such a hazard, please report it immediately to Tufts University Police and to the Facilities Department on your campus.

Contract Liability

Contracts typically contain hold harmless, indemnification language and insurance requirements that may attempt to shift financial risk to the University. Acceptance of terms unfavorable to Tufts may put the University in a financially vulnerable position. If you have questions regarding contract language, please contact Risk Management & Insurance at 617-627-3981.

Operational Liability

Tufts is a vibrant university as a result of its students, faculty and staff engaged in diverse activities related research, education and our daily work environment. These kinds of activities include athletics, field trips, travel, research, student clubs, intellectual property development and many others. Appropriate business practices to help control these risks include supervision, training, following best practices and having emergency plans in place. Risk evaluation versus the potential benefit of certain activities should be utilized to determine if a particular activity should be undertaken. If assistance is needed in developing risk management techniques or strategies, please contact Risk Management & Insurance at 617-627-3981.

Release of Liability

Releases of liability help to reduce the University’s liability by effectively shifting responsibility of the risk to the participant or third party. Releases should be used for any activity that may be potentially hazardous or when any outside groups use University facilities. Examples include certain physical activities, athletic activities and field trips. Please contact Risk Management & Insurance at 617-327-3981 to discuss any activities of this nature so a proper release can be drafted and signed by the participants or third party.