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Tufts University, like other large, complex institutions, operates by means of a decentralized organizational structure through which responsibility is delegated for a variety of business and accounting functions. This delegation is managed through the issuance of policies and procedures prescribing the manner in which business transactions are to be administered, and through the setting of specific limitations and internal control procedures.

All employees charged with these responsibilities should be familiar with the appropriate policies and procedures covered in this document, as well as the following:

  • Administrative Policies, Procedures and Informational Links (conveniently located on the web at
  • Employee handbook and Faculty handbooks
  • School handbooks for students

This document has been developed to provide further guidance on a variety of general business and ethical issues.  While it is impossible to address every conceivable situation that may arise, this handbook should provide a framework for faculty and staff to draw upon in their evaluation of specific circumstances.

Should you have a question regarding business practices that are not addressed in this guide, please feel free to contact any of the directors of the following departments:

  • Department of Audit & Management Advisory Services (ext. 73227)
  • Department of Human Resources (ext. 73271)
  • Financial Services (ext. 73140)
  • Office for Equal Opportunity (ext. 73298)