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Dear Colleagues:

Tufts’ Business Conduct Policy is designed to serve as a guide to appropriate business behavior. Please review it thoroughly so that you are familiar with the University’s expectations regarding business conduct, and use it as a resource for those times when you might have questions about specific practices.

In all of our professional activities, Tufts employees must seek to achieve the highest levels of integrity and honesty. Those of us who are entrusted with the University’s resources owe it to our students, to their parents, to Tufts’ supporters, and to each other to use these resources responsibly. Equally important is the manner in which we work together. The cooperation and respect that we extend to each other models a behavior that is important for our students to witness.

Part of the educational mission of Tufts is to instill in our students certain core values, including those of honesty, integrity and respect. Each of us who works at Tufts has the opportunity to contribute to this aspect of our mission by demonstrating these values in our own professional capacities.

Thank you for all that you do to ensure sound business practices at Tufts.


Anthony Monaco