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Tufts Corporate MasterCard issued by JP Morgan Chase is provided, free of charge, to university employees. Tufts Corporate MasterCard should be used to the fullest extent possible to pay all travel-related and/or business expenses. There are numerous benefits in utilizing this corporate credit card. Tufts Corporate MasterCard must be used to pay travel-related charges, such as hotel costs, rental car costs, and meals as well as business expenses. They are globally accepted with the benefit of obtaining cash advances from ATM machines worldwide and offer a comprehensive travel insurance package, at no cost to university employees.

Each individual cardholder is required to have access to the e-Expense system in order to reconcile charges.  The application for the system is part of the MasterCard application.

All card transactions will be loaded into the e-Expense system.  Users are responsible for the timely reconciliation of all charges placed on the Card by utilizing the e-Expense system

For additional information please visit the Tuft’s Corporate MasterCard web page.