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The University has established a number of long-term, competitively awarded Preferred Suppliers for the supply of goods and services to the University. These agreements are competitively negotiated to streamline the purchasing process for commonly purchased items and to achieve the best value for the University by consolidating expenditures with fewer suppliers.   The University actively manages these relationships through regular meetings with suppliers, measurement of key performance indicators and the prompt follow up of issues.  University faculty and staff are encouraged to report any concerns related to pricing or service to the Purchasing Office for investigation and action.

Faculty and staff shall use primary preferred suppliers wherever possible, with the understanding that purchases made with preferred suppliers remain subject to university bidding requirements.   There also exist many secondary sources available through consortium and other contracts.  Such secondary contracts should be used only if primary preferred suppliers are not able to source the goods or services in question. All purchases not competitively bid will require market pricing comparison and justification.

Below please find a list of business areas (commodities), their respective Purchasing contacts and in most cases, a LINK to the University’s primary preferred supplier(s). If  you find that this list is not inclusive of the specific goods or services you require, please contact the Purchasing Office for guidance.

Area of Business Purchasing Contact
Appliances Peter Van Tilborg
Architectural and Engineering Paul Wagner, Michelle Rooney
Athletics Michelle Rooney
Audio Visual Equipment Michelle Rooney
Bottled Water and Filtration Shane Griffin
Buses, Group Shuttles and Motorcoaches Michelle Rooney
Capital Asset Administration Ed Fanikos
Capital Construction and Renovations (Operations) Paul Wagner,Michelle Rooney,
Bill Thistle, Luke Duffney
Catering Services Peter Van Tilborg
Cellphone and Wireless Devices Peter Van Tilborg
Coffee and Related Supplies Peter Van Tilborg
Computer Hardware and Software Shane Griffin
Computer Peripherals and Supplies Shane Griffin
Computer Software Shane Griffin
Copier Program Peter Van Tilborg
Data Storage and Destruction Michelle Rooney
Dental Equipment and Supplies Kelly Sullivan
Dining Operations John Fisher
Environmental Assessment and Remediation Michelle Rooney
Equipment Repair Paul Wagner
Facilities Maintenance, Repair and Operations (MRO) Luke Duffney
Fleet Maintenance and Repairs Luke Duffney
Freight, Mail and Shipping Services Luke Duffney
Furniture Michelle Rooney
Gases Kelly Sullivan
HNRCA Supplies and Equipment Kelly Sullivan
Hotels | Meetings and Related Events Peter Van Tilborg
IT Maintenance and Support Shane Griffin
Legal Services John Homich
Movers | Riggers Michelle Rooney
Office Supplies Peter Van Tilborg
Performances and Related Events Peter Van Tilborg
Pest Control Luke Duffney
Photography Peter Van Tilborg
Printing, Print Design, Publications Peter Van Tilborg
Professional Services Shane Griffin, Paul Page
Promotional and Wearable Products Shane Griffin
Public Safety Luke Duffney
Radioactive Materials Peter Van Tilborg
Scientific | Lab Equip and Supplies Kelly Sullivan
Service / Maintenance Contracts Kelly Sullivan
Signage Luke Duffney
Small Bus Dev | Minority Vendors Peter Van Tilborg
Subcontracts Peter Van Tilborg
Temporary and Permanent Help John Homich

Purchasing Office | Staff Names and Contacts
Purchasing Office | Main Telephone: 617.627.3225
Purchasing Email Address (general inquiries)
Tufts Shared Services (TSS)
Green Purchasing@ Tufts